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Research Week Committee

Dr. Margaret Young - Chair            Director of Undergraduate Research

Dr. Melinda Anderson -                  Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


Dr. A. Victor Adedeji:

Dr. Jennifer Brown:

Dr. Tina Craddock:

Dr. Malcom Dcosta:

Ms. Annmarie Delgado:

Ms. Shatoya Covert:

Dr. James Goar:

Dr. Tim Goodale:

Dr. Colby Hunter:

Dr. Krishna Kulkarni:

Dr. Lloyd Mitchell:

Dr. Andre Stevenson:

Mr. Elton Stone: 

Dr. John Stiles:

Dr. Kunpo Tao:

Dr. Jingbin Wang:

Natural Sciences

Health and Human Studies

Humanities & Social Sciences

Mathematics, Computer Science & Engg. Tech

Sponsored Programs

Mathematics, Computer Science & Engg. Tech

English and Digital Media

Graduate Education

Natural Sciences 

Mathematics, Computer Science & Engg. Tech

Health and Human Studies

Health & Human Studies          

Aviation and Emergency Management

Visual and Performing Arts

Business, Accounting and Sports Management

Social Sciences  

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